Nutrition Consultation & Coaching

Have you tried every diet and trained every way but still can't get that body you want? It's time to take your results into your own hands. You are unique, your body is one of a kind; it has had many different experiences that will affect how you react to food. It also needs special attention for your specific lifestyle, your sleeping patterns, stressors and habits. This coaching is designed so you can learn how YOU work, and how to get your own results on a daily basis every single day! 

Lets have a look at what you'll get:


Weekly Check in's;

Once a week you will check in with your coach and provide all the hard data and your own experiences and evidence that will help us understand what is going on inside your body. These will keep you accountable and help you learn how your body works. 

Weekly Check in reviews;

This is where your coach looks at all the hard data and your specific week and its occurrences to asses ALL the factors that can be stopping you from achieving your goal body, and works with you to overcome those barriers and change those behaviours.


Training, Recovery & Sleep 

Learn how much training, recovery and sleep you need to feel and operate at your best.. and how to get that right amount. 

How much is too much? 

How much is not enough? 

What does too much exercise do to your body?


Hormones & Balance

Is your work causing you to gain weight?

Maybe its time to learn how to say no?

Do you take enough time for yourself? 

Could you really feel better inside your own skin?


Behaviours & Habits

What possible 'healthy' behaviours may actually be holding you back? Over training and under eating? Learn how to adjust your habits and behaviours to achieve your results. 

How much does that little voice inside your head effect your results? Are you living the life you really want?

Frequently Asked Questions;

Who is this for? Those who are ready to work hard and own their results and bodies!

Who is this not for? Anyone who doesn't want to learn and put in the work for results. 

Will I get a meal plan? No, but you will get support with making the right choices for your preferences.

Will I be restricted with the types of foods I can eat? No

Do I have to cut out carbs? No 

If I am vegan or vegetarian can I still get results? Yes

Do I have to eat at certain times? No

Can I still have a glass of wine? Yes 

How long do I have to commit for? 12 weeks minimum Commitment- time for you to learn all about yourself. 

Will this be a quick fix? No, its a permanent fix. This coaching is designed to suit your everyday life, that way you can take charge of your own life and body. 

Do I have to do a special training program with it? No