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Feedback; this one is for the coaches

Coaches; do you want to get better at what you do? Ask for feedback!

But, before you do, make sure you are able to receive the feedback without having a breakdown! You have to go into this task (every time you coach) with a positive mindset and realise that not all feedback will be good, but also know that the not so good feedback is the stuff that will help you learn and grow and become an even more awesome coach and version of yourself - if you will use it and allow it to.

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My Daily Dessert!

I'm such a sweet tooth so its no surprise that this is my all time favourite meal of the day!

Mix 30g oats with 32g casien powder - I prefer chocolate flavour. Add hot water, enough to mix to the consistency you desire. I like it a little bit thicker, so don't add too much water but this is totally your preference. 

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