My Daily Dessert!

I'm such a sweet tooth so its no surprise that this is my all time favourite meal of the day!

Mix 30g oats with 32g casien powder - I prefer chocolate flavour. Add hot water, enough to mix to the consistency you desire. I like it a little bit thicker, so don't add too much water but this is totally your preference. 

Once stirred to your preference add rock salt. 

Then 150g of frozen strawberries (or any frozen fruit you like - blueberries work really well here too). 

Top the frozen strawberries with 15g of coconut oil. It will firm up and crack on the fruit if its frozen (like when you were little and nanna brought you a chocolate dipped ice cream cone from the corner dairy). YUM. 

Add 150g plain greek yoghurt. 

Eat and enjoy!

The amount of each ingredient here is totally up to you.. since its the last meal of the day, you may need to adjust your protein, carbs and fat intake so use more or less of the casein, oats and fat to make those numbers fit the rest of your day easily. For this particular one I had less oats so the numbers looked like this:

29g Carbs. 10g Fat. 39g Protein.